Saturday, October 25, 2008

Myths Debunked by Meagan Rodriguez - Part 3

Meagan Rodriguez is a Certified Personal Trainer and the CEO/President of Nu-U Fitness. Meagan has provided The MOG BLOG a nine part series on myths verses the truth about fitness.

Myth: If women train with weights, they will get bigger muscles like men.
Truth: Weight/resistance training helps women build long lean muscle not bulky muscle.

When women train with weights they completely change the way their bodies look. They don’t get bulky but leaner. If only women can understand that if they took the fat on their hips and thighs and replaced it with the same weight in muscle, then their thighs would be much smaller. This is because fat takes up 5 times as much space as muscle. Most of the time women don’t know that their body composition determines how they look; by building lean muscle you replace the fat on your body incredibly transforming your body into a leaner, more beautiful, healthy body. Women need to be more concerned about not having enough muscle on their bodies to maintain health. Remember strong muscles lead to strong bones; strong bones lead to NO OSTEOPOROSUS!
Source: “Body for Life” by Bill Phillips